Psychological support

The Gemme Dormienti Association takes care of the person in its entirety through the project of giving back to the woman, affected by cancer and in vulnerable condition, the possibility of not seeing her reproductive capacity vanished.

From an integrated care perspective, it is essential to listen to the psychological dimension. For this reason we accompany patients, in facing a particular moment of life, offering them a listening reference. We believe that in the face of the disease the human being is involved in all his reality, not only physically, but also psychologically.

In the presence of concerns, doubts and difficulties our patients will be able to count on the support of highly qualified and specialized consultants who will help them in the care of the project of life and global well-being.

Giulia Ferrarese

Psychologist and psychotherapist specializing in systemic-relational address at the Family Psychotherapy Academy

The complexity of a decision such as preserving fertility requires patients to receive support and advice at different times of their disease pathway and, above all, from different caregivers. A conscious, reasonable and realistic planning can only result from the presence of a multi-specialist and qualified team, ready to detect medical strategies early, but also willing to provide constant psychological support.

Humanization of care does not mean becoming kinder, but offering a therapeutic approach that sees the person in different facets, in rational aspects as well as in emotional aspects, supporting dignity and quality of life, whatever this means for every single person who meet. This is the commitment of the support offered by the Gemme Dormienti Association.

Maria Consiglia Santillo

Psychoanalytic and psychotherapist with psychoanalytic and psychologist orientation. She works in clinical, legal and training

In these areas, the integration between the Psychodynamic approach to psychoanalytic orientation and Transpersonal Bio-Psychosynthesis through the use of the I.A.R.A. Model devised by Anna Maria Padovan, Scientific Director of the Association Mr Kiara. It is also experimenting, at the level of personal study, an integration between “Transpersonal Bio-Psychosynthesis” and the “Fourth Way”.

​As part of the Urania Study Centre, he participates in various study and research laboratories and has designed and focuses the experimental laboratory Genera-Action Prometheus, which works on the integration between scientific, artistic and transpersonal dimension and understanding and experimentation of group consciousness.

She has decided to collaborate with Gemme Dormienti Onlus as She believes that his work goal is of high clinical importance and of fundamental importance to improve the existential dimension ofassisted persons. It also considers that the purpose of the I.A.R.A. model, that is to focus attention on the person and not on the problem and to work with the healthy part of the person activating their potentials, is very useful in the intervention of Gemme Dormienti and synergistic with its purposes.

The creative-experiential evenings on specific themes, which the Kiara association organizes in collaboration with Gemme Dormienti, aim to achieve these goals.

Flavia Chiricozzi

Psychologist, psychoseologist, psychopathic

Founder of the GNOS Consciousness Gym Following personal and work experience, he directed his studies, research and clinical and psychotherapeutic activity on the psychosomatic aspects that occur in chronic, degenerative, disabling, autoimmune and oncological diseases.

Hence also the choice to collaborate with the Association of Gemme Dormienti Onlus because, through its work, proposes with a holistic approach an integrated care to patients, not only from the medical point of view, also protecting their fertility (appearance not too often taken into account in the care process) but also making available the possibility of personal awareness pathways and the choice of therapeutic protocols, so that the patient does not have to give up all aspects of her life.

Emanuele Matteo Cerone

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Transactional Analyst

Clinical Psychologist, graduated from the University “La Sapienza” in Rome in 2007, with a thesis in Clinical Psychophysiology entitled: “The Self and Identity: Psychosis and Neurosis in the narrative style of Lynch and Polanski”.

​It mainly deals with:

  • Oncology, support and care during the period of the disease to patients, family members, friends, medical staff. Processing of experience and mourning
  • Adolescence, problems related to growth and relationships
  • Adulthood, individual or group psychotherapy pathways. Problems related to anxiety and stress in relationships (family, friends, work). Individual difficulties (loss of self-confidence, loneliness, confusion)

From 1 February 2020 he has been the psychological consultant at Gemme Dormienti’s headquarters in L’Aquila.