Our mission

Spreading information on reproductive health risks associated with anti-cancer treatments is our primary goal. To ensure this, the association makes use of the collaboration of highly qualified medical staff: specialist doctors who offer outpatient services, including counseling, free ultrasound service to new patients as well as psychological counseling.
With a view to integrated care it is It is essential to listen to the emotional dimension and, in the same way, to give due importance to nutrition, underlining the many advantages of a balanced diet.

Awareness raising on the issue of fertility preservation is what Gemme Dormienti Onlus wants to promote with all the initiatives of an informative and popular nature. To make the associative mission even more concrete, starting from 2015 the collaboration with the YWCA-UCDG Onlus was activated. Through Otto per Mille of the Waldensian Church we have seen the financing of the project “The garden of Sleeping Gems” approved .
Similarly, the project activities of the Gemme Dormienti association are submitted, from time to time depending on the area theme, to funding bodies and / or sponsors who care about the protection of fertility in patients suffering from oncological diseases and chronic, degenerative and disabling diseases.

The association aims to implement social solidarity projects and to support disadvantaged people due to disabling diseases (in addition to neoplasms also autoimmune diseases or of unknown etiology, rheumatic diseases, endometriosis and others).