Our structure

The association operates through a multidisciplinary network to spread knowledge of the issues of fertility preservation and guide the path of patients and their families, optimizing therapeutic protocols, providing all the information that leads to an informed choice, but also supporting women in the difficult path of healing and the subsequent rediscovery of motherhood.
The president, the staff of volunteers, the Governing Council are part of Gemme Dormienti Onlus.

The President

Mariavita Ciccarone

Create this association was nothing more than following the path marked by my name: MariaVita.

I have always believed in life and its strength, as I believe in the strength of all the people who fight for it.

However, I know that this strength must come from hope, not only the hope of healing, but the hope of returning “normal”, to be able to live a full life.

And when, in my work as a gynecologist, I saw young women who no longer had this hope and the desire to fight in the eyes, I decided to make these eyes shine again.

Thus was born the idea of “Gemme Dormienti “ (En: Dormant Buds), an association that directs women and girls in a path of knowledge and information, where these GEMME DORMIENTI can be aware of their choices and their opportunities to blossom then at the right time.

The Staff

The staff of Gemme Dormenti Onlus is made up of medical staff and volunteer workers, who have chosen to make their time and professionalism available to help support patients throughout the fertility preservation process.

Our ambitious project is to restore the awareness of being women who do not want and must not give up all aspects of a normal and full life: sexuality, pregnancy, motherhood, work and all that constitutes completeness existence.

Underlying all initiatives is the aim of providing correct information about the potential of fertility.

Through a multidisciplinary network we try to spread knowledge of these issues and facilitate the path of patients and their families, optimizing therapeutic protocols and providing all the information that leads to a conscious choice, in a nutshell the best possible path through the most advanced options.

It is necessary to consider with a holistic approach the whole path of the disease, from prevention to prognosis to the therapeutic course, to preserve fertility in the body and mind through a synergistic strategy, looking together the way to achieve this.

Experts will have an update section with medical, law and bioethics documents.

Currently the staff consists of several volunteers engaged in the activity of secretariat, reception and communication with patients, update of the association’s database, press office and organization of cultural events and science-information.  Statistics and epidemiologists and psychologists also collaborate.

In addition, the association employs highly qualified medical staff: medical specialists offering outpatient services, including counselling, free ultrasound service to new patients, bibliography research, statistical analysis of data, anamnestic update and publications on the topic of fertility preservation.