“Along with fertility, the Gems have made it possible for me to preserve even the best part of me, they have allowed me to fight my battle on equal terms. Nothing is taken for granted, for us patients the balances life has not allowed them, we have earned an extraordinary normality, what for other women is simply natural. Gems are dormant but powerful, they have welcoming arms and smiles that illuminate even the darkest streets that cross each other. They support us when a folder is placed next to our name hospital and we find ourselves with needles in our veins and then reject ourselves the image that reflects the mirror, we in their eyes are buds of life waiting to blossom after the cold winter “.
Emanuela from Viterbo

“Everything comes back, even hope. We keep, we preserve, we believe, we pray. For what we are and the preciousness of which we are made. I grow this dream in my heart, every day “.
Raffaella from Rome

“Since we met the staff of Gemme Dormienti we have had the feeling that we are not alone and that we are being looked after in the best possible way. The results obtained from the initial investigations were not at all comforting, more than once we had the feeling that perhaps we would not have realized our dream … However, the constant reassurance received and the treatment path allowed us to never lose hope. And so my husband and I made it. The end, this time, represents the beginning of a new life“.
Parents of Margherita from Rome